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Stacy O'Leary, LMFT

California License LMFT40414

As a Sunnyvale therapist, I help people heal from trauma, childhood abuse, anxiety, stress, alcohol abuse, addiction, loss, and grief. I use EMDR therapy, mindfulness therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and guided meditations.

Internet Addiction

Internet addiction has crept into many of our lives. Do hours pass while you surf the internet? Do you use the internet to avoid doing other things? Do you want to spend more time with family or friends or doing other activities, but stare at a screen instead?

One step toward stopping internet addiction is realizing what you are getting out of the 'unwanted' habit. What is enjoyable about using the internet? If you suddenly stopped, what positive things would you miss? How else can you achieve those goals?

Another step toward changing any habit is deciding what you actually want to do instead. What would you like to do with your time? How would your life be different if you spent less time on the internet? How would you know that your life was different? How would someone else know that your life was different? Develop a detailed image of your life without this problem. What will your life look and feel like after internet addiction is no longer a problem for you?

It is usually much easier to quit a habit if you have a clear idea of what you want to do instead. Knowing what you want to do instead of using the internet might help you begin to change the habit. Find other activities that are compelling to you, and start making some time to do those activities. Perhaps just start by committing to spend 15 or 30 minutes without checking anything on the internet (or whatever time frame seems short enough to be feasible). Do it at whatever pace is right for you.

You don't have to give up doing what you enjoy on the internet. Find the right balance for you.


(My writings should not be taken as advice. This blog does not create a therapist-client relationship. If you are interested in therapy, I encourage you to call me or find another licensed therapist to talk with.)  LMFT Lic # LMFT40414