Sunnyvale Therapy

Stacy O'Leary, LMFT

California License LMFT40414

As a Sunnyvale therapist, I help people heal from trauma, childhood abuse, anxiety, stress, alcohol abuse, addiction, loss, and grief. I use EMDR therapy, mindfulness therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and guided meditations.


I'm a therapist/counselor in Sunnyvale, CA. I enjoy writing about therapy and healing, especially about healing from trauma, addiction, alcohol abuse, grief, and anxiety.

My writings should not be taken as advice. Also, this blog does not create a therapist-client relationship. If you are interested in therapy, I encourage you to find a licensed therapist to talk with.

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT). LMFTs work with individuals as well as couples and families. (Lic. # LMFT40414)