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Stacy O'Leary, LMFT

California License LMFT40414

As a Sunnyvale therapist, I help people heal from trauma, childhood abuse, anxiety, stress, alcohol abuse, addiction, loss, and grief. I use EMDR therapy, mindfulness therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and guided meditations.

Neuroscience, Mindfulness & Healing

I'm impressed by the work of Dr. Dan Siegel. He has some fascinating videos on YouTube on neuroscience and healing. He has done a lot of research on mindfulness, parenting, and healing from trauma.

(My writings should not be taken as advice. This blog does not create a therapist-client relationship. If you are interested in therapy, I encourage you to call me or find another licensed therapist to talk with.)  LMFT Lic # LMFT40414

Recovery from Addiction

I recently watched The Anonymous People, an empowering movie about people in long-term recovery from addiction. Often when we think of addiction, we think of people who are struggling with active addiction, rather than people who are enjoying long-term sobriety or clean time. The movie shows the hope, joy, and self-esteem that can come with recovery.

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Healing from Trauma

Trauma can affect people in so many ways. Studies show that trauma even affects our brain structure. Thankfully, our brains are very capable of healing and growing throughout our lives.

There are many approaches to healing from trauma. The following books focus on healing from trauma and other difficulties:

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Alcohol Problems, Addiction & Women

When women are struggling with alcohol or other drug problems, there is often a sense of shame and isolation. Addiction can lead people to do things that go against their own values (such as being a good mother, friend, spouse, employee, etc.). It can be helpful to talk with other women who understand.

It is also common to feel confused or ambivalent.

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I'm a therapist/counselor in Sunnyvale, CA. I enjoy writing about therapy and healing, especially about healing from trauma, addiction, alcohol abuse, grief, and anxiety.

My writings should not be taken as advice. Also, this blog does not create a therapist-client relationship. If you are interested in therapy, I encourage you to find a licensed therapist to talk with.

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT). LMFTs work with individuals as well as couples and families. (Lic. # LMFT40414)